Images Policy

The key concerns regarding the use of images of children/young people relate to:

  • The possible identification of children when a photograph is accompanied by personal information
  • The inappropriate use, adaptation or copying of images for use on child pornography websites
  • The taking of inappropriate photographs or recorded images of youngsters

Bearing in mind the above concerns, we would advise all parents to follow the Golden Rules:

  • All children featured in recordings must be appropriately dressed with outer garments covering their torso from at least the bottom of their neck to their thighs (ie a minimum of vest/shirt and shorts)
  • The photograph should ideally focus on the activity
  • Where possible, images of children/young people should be recorded in small groups (the group may consist of any combination of adults and children)
  • Ensure that images of a young person who is under a court order are not recorded or published
  • The Club’s managers/coaches should still be allowed to use video equipment as a legitimate coaching aid.  However, footballers and their parents/carers should be aware that this is part of the coaching programme and care should be taken over the storage of such films
  • If a child is named, avoid using their photograph

If a photograph is used avoid naming the young person or use their first name only.  Personal details of children such as an email address, home address and telephone numbers should never be revealed.