Managers Policy

All Managers and their nominated assistants are required to agree to the following terms when taking on the responsibility of managing a Lads Club Junior Football team:

Ensure ALL players in the side are properly registered (signed on) and are members of the Club.  Managers are required to present their players to the Registration Secretary for signing on with their membership monies. Players who are not registered or members of the Club are not permitted to play.

Managers allowing indiscretions will be required to pay any fines.  The Junior Football Committee will review any infringements and will deal severely with offenders, which could include a ban from Club Management.

Although insurance cover for travel to away games is covered, managers must check that individual car insurance is adequate before allowing players to travel in their vehicles.

Booking of pitches is the responsibility of the team manager and booking should be as early as possible through the bookings management.

Managers are responsible for the training and development of their team.  They must encourage everyone concerned to act in accordance with the Club Code of Conduct at all times. Team selection etc is at the manager’s discretion. Any complaints received by a manager which cannot be amicably resolved can be put forward to the Committee.

Managers will need to seek assistance from parents regarding preparation of pitches, transport etc. However, managers must have over-riding control of all arrangements pertaining to the games and training.  Any problems regarding training facilities should be reported to the Committee.

Managers are required to take the minimum FA coaching course and complete a CRB check and must ensure a qualified First Aider is available and aware of emergency procedures in case of a serious injury.

With regard to the new regulations outlined in the Young Persons Act, it is of paramount importance that managers dealing with young persons are qualified in this respect.  Any queries regarding this should be directed to the Committee. Managers must ensure the safety of Young Persons whilst in their care. Children should be collected by parents at pre-agreed times. Young children must not be left on their own. Managers must not leave the training ground/club until they are satisfied that Young Persons are in safe hands. Parents should be fully supportive in this and must make managers aware of any problems.

Please remember, while managers are responsible for their own team they also have a wider responsibility, to Lads Club Junior Football. It is most important managers realise this and pay monies in to the Treasurer on a regular basis.

Remember – we are here for the benefit of the youngsters and primarily to help realise their potential and support their achievements.