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City Press Features for Winning Lads Club Ladies

City Press Features for Winning Lads Club Ladies

Hereford Lads Club Ladies receive write-up in Hereford Times following local derby victory against Bartestree and weekend winner over Hereford FC!

Lads Club win local derby to keep league momentum

After weathering some early attacks from the visitors it was Lads Club who came through strongly and took a 33rd minute lead when Sarah Bishop ran onto a ball over the top and fired into the bottom corner.

Mel Mayo went close to doubling their first half lead but saw her free-kick saved by Zoe Boucher.

The second goal came two minutes before half-time when Emily Morgan fired home through a crowded box.

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Lads Club Ladies knock Hereford out of County Cup

The two sides play in the Midwest Counties Female Football League where only one point separates the two teams.

But Sunday’s clash saw the two go face to face in a new Herefordshire Women’s County Cup competition.

The HFA introduced the event as there are now eight women’s sides entered and the weekend quarter final was as competitive as the league table suggests.

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Credit: Ian Morris


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Lads Club Face Hereford FC in Challenge Cup Final

Lads Club Face Hereford FC in Challenge Cup Final

Lads Club beat Westfields 4-2 on penalties in a semi-final game that finished 1-1 after extra time, to send them through to the Edgar Street final of the HFA Challenge Cup against Hereford FC on 1st May.

Congrats, lads.

From Hereford Times “As It Happened…” by Paul Rogers:

Lads Club beat Westfields 4-2 on penalties to complete a famous win at allpay.park

Lads Club will now play Hereford FC in the final

Liam Jones scored the winning penalty after Craig Jones and Sirdic Grant missed for Westfields

In normal time, Kalum Wildig opened the scoring for Lads Club in the 21st minute but Phil Glover dramatically equalised a minute from time

Glover was then sent off for violent conduct.

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Join Hereford Lads Club Ladies’ Team

Join Hereford Lads Club Ladies’ Team

Lad Club Ladies FC – recruiting now for our new Ladies football team. Training sessions are held each Tuesday evening on Widemarsh Common from 6.30pm. If you have a passion for playing football come along and train with a hugely talented group of young players.

Ladies Recruitment
Lads Club Ladies have registered to join the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Ladies Football league next season (2013/14)

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Lads Club Ladies FC

Lads Club Ladies FC

Calling all lady footballers, Hereford Lads Club have have formed a ladies football team (Lads Club Ladies FC) and have entered into the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Ladies football league. Throughout June we will be holding training sessions each Tuesday evening on Widemarsh Common from 6.30pm – 7.30pm. If you’re aged 16 or over and have a passion for football please come along and play football.

Lads Club Ladies FC

Lads Club Ladies FC

See you at training……….

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5 Teams, 1 Day, 5 Wins!

5 Teams, 1 Day, 5 Wins!

On the road to Edgar Street…

With 5 teams at home all involved in cup games today was going to be a big day on Widemarsh Common. With the cup finals in sight and wins needed to be to get there.  We did it!!
All 5 Lads Club Girls teams win today, that’s 4 through to the finals and u15’s into a Semi-final….come on Girls let’s make it 5. We may find out the date of that semi-final at tomorrow’s League meeting… Thanks for all the support.

Always remember RESPECT, let’s not forget code of conduct for us all players, coaches, supporters and officials.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Claire Brown

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Hi From Us!

Welcome to the new Lads Club website. This is a test post to check everything is working. The following is a bunch of ‘space filler’ text to test more of the text and content handling of the website’s design so it can be tweaked until we’re happy with it, prior to posting any future updates. Have fun!

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