Football for 5-6 Year Olds (School R1/2 & Year 1)

Hi my name is Paul Andrews development officer for the lads club and with the help of my assistant coach Mike Lloyd we run the training and development sessions for 5-6 year olds (reception and year 1) on a Saturday morning 10 am to 11 am we charge £2 for the session per child.

In this hour we will we will be concentrating on developing the children’s basic football skills that will include basic warm up, ball control, passing, shooting, heading and a good understanding of a football game. It is always good to see the children put into practice what they have just learned so the session is normally finished with a short football game and penalties. It is always important to make it fun as football should be fun this why we are always creating new training sessions that are targeted to sections of the game but always enjoyable.

And at the age of 6-7 the club with a new coach will form a new under 8’s team and then they will start playing in their own team. It is the aim of the lads club that boys and girls can start at the age of 5 and can continue playing with the club right through to the adult team.

If you have any question you will find my number the contacts section.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday mornings…