Girls Newsletter, November 2012

November  2012 Newsletter – Lads Club Girls section

Hello everyone..

The switch to winter training facilities has gone smoothly and is being well supported as we can all see by the number of girls who attend each week. We have a number of new players in year R and years 1  & 2. The year 2 girls have their first friendly this coming Sunday against Ross, good luck girls.

For  information – we will use the astro-turf pitch in most weather conditions but are unable to use it if temperatures plummet after we’ve had heavy rain as the astro-turf pitch turns into an ice skating rink ! If we have heavy rain during practice we will all move into the indoor sports hall where we will have ‘team building’ games with all age groups mixing in. Its good fun and keeps the girls warm and dry.

Whilst at Whitecross school, can parents please remember to stay within the designated ‘spectator area’ or outside the fenced area.

The monthly subs for November (£6.00) are due the first Tuesday of the month. Please make sure they are handed to your daughter’s team manager.

Now the half term break has finished most teams will have games each week until mid December when the league finishes for the Christmas break. We will continue to arrange friendly’s and have already been asked to play teams from Worcester and Gloucester during the Christmas break. Your manager will keep you posted on future arrangements.

Parents, please ensure your daughter wears shin pads and is issued with a drink and suitable warm clothing when attending training and matches. Also please remember to write your daughter’s name in any clothing especially the hoodies.

I have a small selection of various sized hoodies still available (£13.00 each) and will soon be receiving Lads Club boot bags and beanie hats. Please let me know if you want to pre-order any (ideal Christmas stocking fillers !).

If you’d like to keep in touch with your daughters team  – league position / fixtures etc…please have a look on the FA’s Full Time website ( )

We have recently set up a ‘Lads Club Girls Committee’ chaired by Claire Brown. We will meet approximately every 5-6 weeks and parents are more than welcome to attend. If anyone has anything they’d like raised at the next meeting please speak with me or your daughter’s manager. The next meeting is on Tuesday 27th November at the Hungry Horse on Grandstand Road from 7.30pm (Chairlady’s buying the drinks…).

At the last meeting the committee discussed the subject of discipline. A number of coaches have raised concerns that on occasion that they find it very difficult to give the correct attention to their team if someone is misbehaving. We have now agreed to put in place a 2 step form of discipline. It is never our intention to issue these but the children must realise how their actions can disrupt the group. We will at first speak with the individual(s), if they continue to misbehave they will be issued with a ‘yellow card’ and asked to sit out for 3 minutes. If they still persist to misbehave they will be issued with a second ‘yellow card’ which will mean they miss the next league / cup game.  If any parent has any issues with this form a discipline please speaks with me. At the end of the day we want the girls to enjoy themselves, learn new skills and to go away from training happy.

Another point raised by several managers was the fact some parents don’t reply to texts. Please try to respond as the manager needs to be kept informed.

Team fundraising – each home team will be asked to hold a raffle (parents take it in turn to donated a small prize –i.e bottle of wine, chocolates etc..) or to sell squares on a football card. In the past these fundraising ideas have proved to be very successful as we use all money raised for an end of season party for your daughter’s team.

Code of Conduct – if you haven’t already done so please make sure you complete the form and return asap (I’ve attached a copy for anyone who’s misplaced their copy / hasn’t been issued with one). We need these forms completed as part of our ‘Chartered Standard’ health check.

FA ‘Respect Campaign’ – please remember to show support for both home and away teams, leave the coaching to the manager and encourage sportsmanship.

Each manger will be handing out a ‘Kit form’. If your daughter has been issued with a football kit or training kit you will need to complete the form and return to your daughter’s manager. This form will enable us to keep track of who’s been issued / returned kit.

Christmas raffle – If you haven’t received a book (1 book of 10 raffle tickets per child) please let me know as I have some spare ones. For those of you who’ve had the tickets can you please return asap, when you’ve sold them all ! All money raised will go towards ‘exciting new ventures’…… more info to follow soon !

Don’t forget to keep looking at the club website (


Many thanks, Jamie