Inclusive Football | 12-16yrs & 17-25yrs at Point 4 on Wednesdays

Inclusive Football

Hereford Lad’s Club has been running the Inclusive Football session at the Point 4 on Wednesdays (6.00 – 7.00pm) since September 2014. It is facilitated by F.A. qualified coach Nick Baker and caters for young players (12-16 and 17-25yrs age groups) with a range of disabilities. As the name suggests, the session is about providing an opportunity for the young players regardless of their disability or football aptitude – the focus is on participation, fitness and fun.

Here are some comments from the regular players:

“I like the warm up, jogging, playing a match and taking penalties – and seeing everyone”

“It’s fun football that matches my needs”

“I like being involved in a football team and being valued”

“It has taught me to be a team player”

“It gives a chance to play no matter what your difficulties are, to be involved in a team and feel valued”.

“Inclusive Football is good because we train to build up our skills and have fun with each other!”

For more information or to enquire about a player joining the session, please contact Nick Baker on 07876 569428 or