Hereford Lads Club

Spring update 2014

U6 Girls section (4-6 year olds)

The ‘mini’ section at our club continues to thrive as we welcome players as young as 4 years of age. The focus at this age is enjoyment, ball control, coordination and mini games of football. We are lucky enough to have several dedicated coaches who help the girls each week. Training for this age is inside in the sports hall at Whitecross school each Tuesday from 6pm until 7pm. New players are always welcome.

U8 teams (5-a-side)

WOW… we have some really exciting players at this age. We’ve entered 3 teams into the Herefordshire Girls ‘friendly league’ and they play 5-a-side games on Sunday mornings. Throughout the season the teams have played at mini football festivals and we will continue to offer training and matches throughout the spring and summer months. The focus at this age is ball control, team play, passing and positional play. We are still welcoming new players (year 2 &3) – please get in contact if your daughter would like to come along.

U10 teams (7-a-side)

Again we have 3 teams entered into the Herefordshire Girls League (year 4 &5). Without doubt we have some of the best girl footballers in the county at this age playing for the club. At this age the girls show increased physical strength, technique, control and increased game awareness. Tuesday evening is training night and we would welcome new players.

U12 teams (7-a-side)

We have over 30 girls playing in 3 teams and yet again… we have some incredible players ! Our teams are dominating the league and we have some ‘intense’ inter club rivalry. The girls just love playing football. We are still looking for a few new players to help strengthen the teams (year 6 & 7). Please get in contact.

U14 (11-a-side)

This season we moved this team from the Herefordshire league and now play in the Gloucestershire league where we can play against a selection of stronger teams. The girls are flying high and are currently top of the league with only a few game still to play. This team play attractive, quick passing football and have a great team ethos (year 8 & 9). We will be looking for new players ready for next season so please get in tough if your interested in playing girls football.

U16 (9-a-side)

A great group of girls who play beautiful football. Their energy levels and commitment make this team a pleasure to coach / watch. Unfortunately there are now only 4 teams in the league which somewhat restricts the amount of games and opposition teams but the girls turn up each week and flying high in the league. This team are already through to the Edgar Street finals and with further cup games to come I’m sure they’ll be in other finals as well….. Again we are looking for new players ready for next season. Please get in contact if you’re interested in playing football (year 10 & 11).

Lads Club Ladies

A new venture this season for the club but one we’re really glad we did. Our ladies are the youngest team in the league but are proving to be formidable opponents. We’re currently 4th in the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Ladies  League and have several games in hand over the teams above us. We have brought together a team of young, enthusiastic, talented players who have a great future in the game. We are still recruiting new players (16+) – come along and play football….

** from Tuesday 2nd April we move our training for all ages back to Widemarsh Common from  5.30pm **