Westfields Girls U15’s 1 – 5 Lads Club Girls U15’s

Match report by Fred Johns
Westfields Girls U15’s  1 – 5  Lads Club Girls U15’s

It was a one sided game from the first whistle and although Westfields played a defensive game they couldn’t keep the Lads Club Girls out.

The first goal came after ten minutes Ella Hill went on one of her runs from centre midfield before slotting the ball into the net.

Ten minutes later Westfields equalised when a long shot caught out the Lads Club’s defence and they ran through and scored. However Lads Club were soon back in their stride after Josie Evans scored a second when put through from midfield.

Sophie Johns gave Lads Club a well deserved 3-1 lead just before half time when she came off the bench and scored a good goal, her first of the season.

In the second half Lads Club continued to deliver and Josie Evans was put through again as she cut in from the wing to get her second goal of the game and Lads Club’s fourth.

Player of the match Jade Laurie scored a fifth goal when running through from right back as she had been doing strongly all match.

The score could have been alot more if it wasn’t for the Westfields keeper making some good saves but it ended 5-1 to Lads Club Girls.